Christopher Spicer

Artist, Author, and Engineer

Christopher Spicer: Artist, Author, and Engineer - Portrait

Christopher Spicer is a full-time mechanical engineer by day, part-time artist and author by night, and life-long beach-lover. During typical business hours, he can be found deep within the cubicle labyrinth, immersed in the glow of computer screens while designing complex parametric models of innovative mechanical systems. But outside the demands of corporate captivity, the pocket protector comes off and he enjoys spending his free time exploring more personal creative pursuits. Whether it's painting with acrylics, drawing with graphite, writing lyric poetry, or just sitting down among the shells to build a good old-fashioned sand castle, his greatest passion is breathing life into imagination.

From the first time he placed pencil to paper, Spicer's innate love of art and design has been a driving force in his life. Always enthusiastic to acquire new skills, he has learned the most through self-guided practice and experimentation, and continues to seek out new artistic arrows for his creative quiver. As the years progressed, so too has his experience with an array of mediums. Working with traditional techniques, he has completed projects in charcoal, graphite, ink, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and clay. Of all the materials that have lived upon his art table, his long-standing favorites continue to be acrylic on canvas and graphite on paper.

Beyond the range of classical materials, Spicer has also expanded his inventive dexterity to include the technological treasures of the digital age. Equally comfortable with paintbrush and computer mouse, he embraces the power and versatility of graphic design software to conceptualize new paintings and to render finished images. And when 2 dimensions simply aren't enough, he takes pleasure in constructing beautifully-detailed 3d models of beach houses, sports cars, and luxury yachts (a person can dream). To bring his creative portfolio full-circle, he even challenged himself to learn the latest in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop the website you are reading now.

Along with these many forms of visual expression, Spicer has also become enamored with the evocative capacity of images painted with words. During college, he began writing what would become an immense collection of lyric poetry. A short time later, he combined these pieces with artistic illustrations in his first published book, Forever is Relative. Since then, the ink has continued to flow, and he is currently in the process of writing a second poetry collection as well as his first novel.