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Journey through the hauntingly beautiful and evocative publications by independent author, Christopher Spicer.

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Temporal Panacea

In his second lyric poetry collection, Temporal Panacea, Christopher Spicer evolves his written technique through years of relentless reflection and incisive introspection. Journey through an evocative and haunting compilation of works that represent not only self-portraiture, but a mirror held to a shared human experience. Explore the existential corners of life. Find value in asking the questions that may never be answered. And discover that while time may not promise to heal all wounds, perhaps it is through the scars that we earn our wisdom.

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Forever is Relative

In his premier print publication, Forever is Relative, Christopher Spicer presents his lyric poetry collection in tandem with accompanying visual artwork. The vivid use of imagery in his writing and the story-telling quality of his artistic compositions combine to form a uniquely expressive medium through which Spicer relates his experiences with the beauty-and-darkness duality of life, love, and loss.

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